Strong Suit 208: Some Guests Need No Intro. This Is One Of Them

I’ll be honest. 
I was shaking in my boots for this podcast interview. 
How often do we get to interview our business idol?
Tom Peters’ first book “In Search of Excellence” single-handedly created the business book genre.
And it changed how I look at business. I’ve read every word of all 17 of his bestselling books.
In this 20-minute interview, Tom & I covered a ton of ground, including…

  • How can your business out-Amazon Amazon?
  • What is leadership really about in 2018?
  • And What is “Give-a-Sh*t”ism?

Educated at Stanford. Consulted at McKinsey & Company. Served in US Navy. Worked in the White House. 
They don’t come any bolder than Tom Peters. He’s truly the guru of management gurus.

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