Strong Suit 216: Rockstars want to work for Rockstars, so build your personal brand

If you hope to have even a prayer of recruiting Rockstars, you’d better be one yourself.
Because they won’t consider for working for someone they can’t learn from, grow from, and one day replace (once you’re promoted).
So to do that, you need to communicate to candidates that they’ll be working directly for a top-performer.
And that means building your personal brand (not your company’s brand or employer brand. I’m talking about YOUR brand).
So I tracked down an expert to show us how.
Jay Kuhns is VP of HR Strategy at Kinetix, a leading recruitment process and human resources consulting firm. He’s been at it for 20 years, and has built a reputation for teaching executives how to establish their brand as a Rockstar.
As a side benefit: when you build your personal brand, you make it far easier for us headhunters to find you & put you in front of our CEO, VC, and PE clients.
Jay gives it to you straight. No BS. No excuses. So be ready when you listen to this 20-minute episode.

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“Jeff has recruited Rockstars and built winning cultures for 25 years. Finally, he shows us how!” —Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group Venture Capital