Strong Suit 193: The Single Best Way to Improve Your Job Descriptions

Can I be honest with you?
If your company is like most, your job descriptions stink.
Boring. Lifeless. Uninspiring.
And about as likely to attract Rockstar candidates, as a fishing hook with no bait on it.
So, I sought out the foremost expert on job descriptions and it turns out there’s one simple way to dramatically improve them:
Video !
Kristoffer “KC” Carter mastered his craft during 9 years with Centro, the ad-tech start-up with a *legendary* workplace culture. Centro won one “Best Place to Work” award after another.
Now as a culture advisor, KC teaches companies how to attract, onboard, and retain their ideal people.
And he’s mastered the “culture definition video” which shows your prospective employees why they should come meet with you.
If you’re gonna be hiring during 2018, this 20-minute episode will make your job far easier.

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