The 8 Immutable Truths of Recruiting

1. People are the ultimate competitive differentiation

Creating a culture that draws in talent is the only way to stay ahead for the long term.

2. There is no such thing as a perfect candidate

You’ll be waiting forever. Instead, identify the must-have competencies & never settle.

3. Recruiting is sales & marketing, not human resources

It’s all about the funnel. First, plug the leaks. Then, fill the funnel.

4.You must give top-performers a reason to listen

Rockstars have never had more options. You need to create a compelling employer value proposition.

5. Recruiting must be based on things that are predictive of success

DNA is far more predictive than experience, education, or personality.

6. A top-performer at one company is not always a top-performer at another

There are no shortcuts, even if they worked at your competitor.

7. Using your “gut” in recruiting is right 50% of the time

But which 50%? Trust the process, and increase your accuracy to 80% or more.

8. To build a successful business, winning the war for talent must be your #1 priority

You must invest 25-50% of your time on recruiting & retention.