Strong Suit 200: A Legend Reveals If You Should Do It Or Delegate It

By April 3, 2018 No Comments

David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done” changed my life. I read it when it debuted in 2001 & multiple times since.

Now published in 28 languages, “GTD” is recognized as the definitive book on personal productivity. And David is the world’s leading authority on the topic (Even Howard Stern is a huge believer.)

GTD rests on the idea of moving planned tasks out of the mind by recording them externally & then breaking them into actionable work items.

David was the first to establish that the mind is exceptional at having ideas, but not so great at holding them. After decades of in-the-field research, David wrote the international best-seller.

In this 20-minute episode, David & I tackle one of the biggest stumbling blocks for leaders:

Should I do it or delegate it? (Some leaders do too much; others delegate too freely.)

It turns out, there IS a way to decide. And you’ll discover it here.